Different types of people in our society (Part 1)

I promised to produce a list of the types of people I’ve observed in our society, and here’s the first installment.

Unfortunately, we have far too many people in society who take every word you say and then try to use those words against you in a later “confrontation” or encounter. I’ll call these people the “lawyer types”:

The Lawyer Types:

You know who they are. You probably know a few of them.

I once had a manager who taught me to “treat every conversation as a negotiation” and try to win that negotiation – except when speaking to him. That’s a whole different story for another day, but the point is that there was this manager whom I was friendly with.

One day, we did the usual chit-chatting. He asked how my evening had gone the previous night. I mentioned meeting an ex-boss in baseball whom I hadn’t seen in ages, and talked glowingly about reminiscing the good old days. I thought nothing of it, really, until a few weeks later when that manager had a meeting with me.

That’s when he, behind closed doors, questioned my loyalty to the company and brought up that meeting with my ex-baseball boss. This manager thought he was intelligent and had put two and two together that I’d met my old boss to try and get my old job back and leave this company. I protested saying that it wasn’t the case. (It wasn’t the case at all.)

But this manager was using my words and quoting what I’d said about that meeting with the baseball boss. He was essentially being a lawyer using my words against me. So, following that episode, did I ever share information about what I’d done anymore? Obviously not.

How is this related to sports? It is, and it actually relates to many areas in life.

You might have people quoting you about what you said about a player on Team X. And, in trying to “win” the argument, will use your words about said player against you. And on and on it goes. Again, I’m sure you’ve experienced that before.

In other areas in life? I once had an acquaintance who told me matter-of-factly that she met another girl and they got along fine until one time that girl told her, “I only watch Survivor.” My acquaintance told me she decided not to be friends with that girl anymore because she can never be friends with people who “only watch” reality TV shows. To that acquaintance, such people are not educated and watch garbage shows. My acquaintance’s opinions and words, not mine.

It goes to show that in the world we live in, we have many of these “lawyer types.” Very sad indeed.

PS: One personal experience – I once told a different acquaintance that I enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and going out for walks. I said I’d love to do the same with her and other stuff. By “other stuff,” I was thinking trying different restaurants and coffee shops. But because I didn’t spell that out specifically, I was later told that this acquaintance (with her dirty mind) had assumed that “other stuff” meant sex – which turned her off. C’mon. People with their lawyer mentality and dirty minds…. good grief.

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