What kind of world do we live in again? (Part 1)

This is supposed to be a blog where I share my opinions on sports, but you just have to wonder what kind of society, what kind of world we live in.

Far too often, when people disagree with our opinions, they resort to name-calling and childish behaviour. I’ve seen many comments online between people where they disagree with each other, and two very common insults are:

  1. You blah blah still live in your parents’ basement / your mommy’s basement.
  2. Don’t quit your day job of serving burgers and fries.

Really? Just because people happen to disagree on sports takes (or whatever the subject might be), many resort to these sorts of childish insults.

Assuming the people who type these insults online are adults, they’re basically saying they are better than other humans. Excuse me? Yes, athletes on the diamond, on the ice, on the field, on the floor, etc. might be better than fellow athletes because of their on-field (on-ice, etc.) abilities, and that’s fine and dandy. But for an average person to be insulting others and suggesting they’re better than another fellow human being just because of a disagreement in opinion?

Again, what sort of society do we live in again? It’s like people feel satisfied thinking their “opponent” has less money or is in a less fortunate place in life. Wow…. I can honestly see these types of people laughing at their own relatives’ funerals, if you know what I mean…

Later, I’ll talk about the types of people I’ve observed in our society. I don’t have a full list, but I do have some idea of what many types of people are like. Stay tuned.

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