Different types of people (Part 2)

I’d promised earlier to produce a list of the types of individuals I’ve observed in our society, and here’s the second installment.


For many years, I’d been hesitant to use the word “terrorist” because it might be offensive to those who were affected by 9/11 and other such events. However, I heard that word being used in the movie The Intern and I think it’s okay to use it now.

I’ve worked in companies before where people hated each other. Those types of environments are toxic and choke you and make you not want to be there every day. And you just want to show up and work and get projects done, and your MANAGER or your coworkers interrupt your daily routine with gossip and nonsense. In one company, there were all sorts of such gossip: you had Jay wanting Cheryl fired, you had Amie wanting Jay and Cheryl fired, Derek wanting me and Amie fired, Amie bullying two others, etc. And if you wanted to voice your concerns to a superior, they told you to mind your business and allow Amie to bully people. Very sickening. There seemed to be genuine hatred. It’s like, wow, people actually wanted others to get fired and lose their jobs and lose their incomes… What kind of people did we have here?? One word: Terrorists.

If these people get their opportunity, they would be more than willing to throw people under the bus in an attempt to get them fired. That’s terrorist-like behaviour…. actually wanting a fellow human being to lose their job and be worse off in life, destroying their career, etc. That’s a terrorist.

Then in another company, you had Abbie wanting the manager fired and also wanting me gone. You had people plotting things together against others. Very sickening. It’s like these people can’t deal with people at work and their solution is to try and get people fired. They have this hatred in them and try to recruit others to support their cause. I’ve seen Amie do it. I’ve seen Abbie do it. I’ve seen Derek do it. Those people either tried to recruit me or spread their stories – or IT reports revealed their agenda as their messenger/email trails showed their true colours. Others were sneakier in terms of not revealing their agenda but they slip up now and then, and you hear it (unwillingly) through gossip.

Again, I can actually picture people such as Abbie and Jay and Amie snickering when they’re attending a family member’s funeral. I really can, given the things they’ve said and tried to pull off in their companies. Hey, next time if I say that someone just tried to pull an Abbie or pull a Jay, I’m saying that that person is a terrorist. These people have no respect for fellow human beings, they don’t respect authority, they basically don’t show respect to people…. Essentially, again, if they think they’re too good to follow rules or they’re “better” than other human beings so they refuse to show them respect, I’m going to have to conclude they support slavery too. And oh…these people supposedly were all college/university-educated…

Okay, how did I know certain people wanted me fired? Well, in one case, I had the “audacity” to say that I didn’t Tim Wakefield, the ex-Boston Red Sox knuckleballer, and someone at work held a grudge and it escalated when I didn’t want to join his cause to get Amie fired. There was also an incident where I looked over the emails he was sending to clients and gave him feedback on how they could be re-written to sound more professional. Given that he had to report to me, it was part of my job to steer him toward the right direction. Yet, he scoffed and refused to make the changes. That incident, along with the silly Wakefield thing and Amie thing, was part of his hatred toward me. So, he turned the tables on me and wanted me fired. I left. I had no interest in being part of that environment where the superiors couldn’t see what was happening and apparently didn’t care.

The other time was when reports that were handed to me by IT revealed secret messenger chats of how this person wanted me fired. So, that’s how I knew.

What can I say? I’d rather work elsewhere than have to deal with terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy you. Then they’re happy. Yup. We live in a sad world with such people around us.

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