What is everyone’s priority again?

Yes, I do have some beef against Canadian sports fans, but I’ll save that for another day. Today, I want to focus on the mindset of American sports fans.

Now, ever since the local Team 1040 (now TSN 1040) began operating and started carrying feeds from ESPN Radio, Sporting News Radio, and later Fox Sports Radio, I’ve been listening fairly regularly.

Over the years, callers to talk shows and talk-show hosts have always been blasting the Dallas Cowboys. It seems people want owner and G.M. Jerry Jones to fail, and they laugh every time the Cowboys lose a big game. They laugh when Tony Romo loses a game. There were those years when the Cowboys lost their regular-season finales and wound up missing the playoffs – and these people on ESPN Radio or Fox Sports Radio and so on, take shots at Dallas.

I remember specifically the media and the callers to these talk shows mocking Romo for his losing record in the playoffs. They did the same when Romo threw a late interception in a shootout against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos to set up the winning score, with certain media personalities later claiming they knew Romo would throw a big INT with time winding down.

It’s like people are happy when they see somebody fail, whether it’s Jerry Jones or Tony Romo. And the thing is, Romo wasn’t even drafted, and I thought Americans rooted for the underdog. Yet, Romo, an undrafted free agent who wound up putting up big stats for a legendary NFL team, was ridiculed seemingly every time he threw an interception or lost a game. Shouldn’t the guy have been celebrated for achieving as much as he did despite not being drafted, rather than been ridiculed for his “failures”?

And I want to switch gears for a bit before going back to the Cowboys. Earlier this week, baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan wrote a letter saying he didn’t want PED users in the Hall. Naturally, all of the analysts opining about this brought up the names of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Now, with Bonds particularly, it seems the American public who hates him do so because he was surly as a player and he (according to himself) unknowingly used PEDs. Many want his records to have asterisks beside them. Others have opined that Bonds isn’t the true home-run king.

All this because Bonds was surly and didn’t play nice with the media?

Now, on the other hand, back to the Cowboys, I don’t hear any outcry for Dallas having asterisks beside its won-loss record when it won games this year with an alleged woman abuser in its lineup. I haven’t heard any outcry at all.

Dallas, as of now, is 5-6 this season with three straight losses. Hey, when the Cowboys beat the Chiefs earlier this month, that guy ran for the go-ahead TD and also had 93 yards for the game. Without him on the field, perhaps the outcome might have been different.

Yet, I don’t hear anyone saying the Cowboys, the very team that many people hate to begin with, should have forfeited that game or there should be an asterisk or whatever.

So, basically I’m seeing that American sports fans don’t care if an alleged woman abuser is affecting the outcome of games by being in the lineup when he should have been suspended. But if someone is surly and is suspected of using PEDs – which does not physically hurt another human being – he should be outed and banned and have his records stricken.

I see where people’s priorities lie. To me, that’s sad. First of all, we have people that celebrate others’ failures (ie. Jerry Jones, Tony Romo). We have people saying nasty things about people who are surly and not physically hurting anyone (Bonds). But we have literally no outcry against an alleged woman beater.

Okay, I see. Maybe it’s because that guy can help them score fantasy points in football. Okay, got it. Again, if that’s where people’s priorities are, that’s sad and also sickening. Welcome to the world of sports fandom.

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