Different Types of People (Part 3)

Today, let’s talk about a third category of people: the Facebook Stalking Non-Friend.

Facebook Stalking Non-Friend

A couple of years ago I was at a reunion get-together, and the week before the event I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it. Maybe a couple days before the event, I confirmed I could make it after all. So on that Facebook group page, I posted that I didn’t have any hockey commitments that weekend and could be there for a few hours.

At the event, this guy – let’s call him Mr. Grey Hair – came up to me and acknowledged seeing my hockey videos on my Facebook page. Yet, Mr. Grey Hair didn’t “friend” me or say that he would do so. He just commented to me face-to-face that he’d seen my videos because I’d posted them on Facebook. Nothing about any opinions about the videos – just that he’d seen them. Like, why tell me about this if you weren’t going to add me as a friend, or say something specific about those videos??

So, we have this situation where someone was stalking me on Facebook – that’s the term that’s widely used; I didn’t create this term – but wouldn’t add me. So why on earth did he bother to talk to me face-to-face??? If you saw my profile on Facebook and clicked on my stuff, and we obviously knew each other, but you wouldn’t add me at all, what does that mean?

It means you’re nothing more than a Facebook Stalking Non-Friend.

We have quite a few of those around us, don’t we? I once worked in a company where this girl “Abbie” acknowledged Facebook stalking a coworker named Philip (when he wasn’t in the room). Yet being the hypocrite that she was, “Abbie” was very protective of her own Facebook account and had certain privacy settings. (Just to prove a point, I showed others that no matter how “private” your settings are on Facebook, anybody who knows what he/she is doing can see “hidden” pages on there.) But she was okay stalking Philip’s page and checking out his photos – without his knowledge. In Dan Shulman’s words, “Abbie” would be a jackass.

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