You might call them “trolls” but I’ll call them “slavery supporters”…


I’m sure these types of comments are written thousands of times a day by all sorts of people.

Yes, they might be known as “trolls” but come on. We have people in society who, because they disagree with others in OPINION, resort to name-calling or these sorts of comments.

When you verbalize these sorts of things, you’re really saying you are better than someone else; someone else is inferior to you. If you really think that and actually write it and/or say it out loud, that makes you a supporter of slavery.

Think about it. Saying you’re better than someone else, than another human being, illustrates that you believe in a society where there are masters and slaves, like you’re that person’s master and that person should go serve fries somewhere. Again, what an amazing society we live in.

Reminds me of this awesome video that SB Nation’s Jon Bois once created:

It just goes to show how far some people will take an argument when they disagree with others….. 😉


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