Is the coach implying the alleged victims’ words don’t matter?

One team to definitely root against in the upcoming NFL playoffs is the Carolina Panthers.

This past Sunday, after a win over Tampa Bay which clinched a playoff spot for the Panthers, their head coach basically encouraged the players to rally around their disgraced owner.

According to multiple stories – including this one from Yahoo! Sports (courtesy Shutdown Corner’s Shalise Manza Young) – the coach used the owner as a rallying cheer despite the fact the latter has been linked to sexual harassment:

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced earlier this month that he’ll be selling the team he founded, just hours after a thoroughly reported Sports Illustrated story was published detailing years of sexual harassment, by Richardson toward team employees.

At least four employees agreed to “significant” monetary settlements because of Richardson’s behavior toward them, including one former team scout at whom Richardson directed a racial slur.

But Panthers coach Ron Rivera is sticking by the disgraced owner.

During his postgame speech to players on Sunday, after Carolina clinched a playoff berth with a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rivera told players, “Just remember guys, this is about team. Everything we do is about team. The most important thing is about team, OK? All right, do me a favor – ‘Mr. Richardson’ on three. 1-2-3!”

The video was posted on the team website.

While the move has drawn some criticism, given the nature of the accusations against Richardson, but on Tuesday, Rivera defended his decision to use the disgraced owner as a rallying cry.

“What I’ve always said is I know nothing about that. I can only speak for what he has been to me and the players,” Rivera said Tuesday. “And that’s why I did it.”

(Loose translation: I’ve never been sexually harassed, so who cares?)

Numerous women allege that on Fridays, when employees at the team facility can wear jeans, the owner would walk through the office and ask women to turn around so he could admire their rear end and says things like, “Show me how you wiggle to get those jeans up.”

Other women said that Richardson, after exchanging handwritten notes that at times would include some money from Richardson and a directive to buy themselves a new dress or get their nails done, would ask if he could personally shave their legs.

There were still other stories of Richardson’s “seatbelt maneuver,” when he would invite a female employee to lunch off-campus, and after she was seated in the car, he’d reach across to fasten her seatbelt for her, brushing her breasts in the process.

After announcing that the franchise will be sold, Richardson also relinquished his day-to-day duties to chief operating officer Tina Becker. But he was in his suite on Christmas Eve for the Panthers’ game against Tampa Bay.

Rivera was asked how he’ll respond if Richardson asks to address the team in the coming weeks, as the regular season turns to the postseason.

“He’s still the owner. So we’ll go from there,” Rivera said. “I can’t assume what he wants to do. But at the end of the day he’s still the owner.”

The coach is gutless. Same as anyone who chooses to defend the owner, a total disgusting pig.

Congratulations to Drew Brees…

On Sunday, Drew Brees surpassed the 70,000 passing yard plateau, becoming just the third player in NFL history to accomplish the feat. He should be able to break the all-time passing yard record sometime next season. What a great career Brees has had. How can anyone not be a fan of both Brees and Tom Brady? Especially with how both overcame long odds to become champions. Two truly great players… just guys that are inspirational.

Brees’s numbers are down this year because the Saints have been relying on their running game and defense, and that’s why the team has had a bounceback season. But Drew Brees, what an awesome player.

More importantly, New Orleans beat the Falcons on Sunday (by a score of 23-13) – and this time without any trash talk (that we know of, anyway, because ESPN didn’t really highlight this matchup during the week leading up to the contest) like the one from 2014 when a Saints player said his team was going to send the Falcons to their funeral. It was a huge win Sunday, because a loss by the Saints would have – shockingly – eliminated them from the divisional race in the NFC South provided the second-place Panthers won too (against last-place Tampa Bay). Instead, the team came through and New Orleans is going back to the playoffs after a three-year absence.

What can be said about the defense? With the Falcons down 20-6 and less than five minutes remaining, they sacked Atlanta QB Matt Ryan to force a 4th and 17 at the Falcons’ three-yard line! That was probably the final dagger into the Falcons’ hearts in that game. A 40-yard punt later, and the Saints were starting in Atlanta territory trying to run out the clock. The defense didn’t allow a touchdown by Ryan until garbage time with the Falcons already trailing by three scores.

* * *

The New York Giants continue to embarrass themselves. This time, they were shut out in Arizona – behind their two-time Super Bowl-winning QB. Seriously, the Giants’ interim head coach is “brilliant.” What on earth is sending the same QB out there going to prove? So, with the Giants playing out the string, he is stubbornly playing the starter and not taking a look at the backups to see what they can do.

At least the once 0-9 San Francisco 49ers have started to look at someone different, and they have gone 5-1 since then. And oh, what ever happened to the Jacksonville defense? 44 points allowed to the 49ers? Wow.

Seriously, what are people’s priorities?

Okay, so many people have chimed in about the ending of Sunday’s Pittsburgh-New England game – about what a “catch” is and so on. C’mon, we all saw it in the 2014 playoffs with the Dez Bryant non-catch in the playoffs against Green Bay.

The way I recall it, so many people were happy because the call went against Dallas, ending the Cowboys’ season.

Now, you have so many people whining about the Steelers’ loss and about the rule regarding having control of the ball for it to be a catch.

Meanwhile, there’s less outcry regarding the Carolina Panthers’ owner’s scandal, with sexual harassment and racism being mentioned.

So, with so much outcry against the “catch” rule and so little against the Panthers owner, it’s CLEAR what the public’s priorities are. Another example of how flawed our society is… and that’s sickening.

Wow… 1 TD and his team trailing = a “great” game…

At the end of the Patriots-Steelers game on Sunday, CBS switched to the conclusion of the Titans-49ers contest.

At the time, the 49ers were trailing 23-22, and kicker Robbie Gould had accounted for 15 of those points thanks to five field goals.

Yet, the CBS announcer said that 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo was having a “great” game because of his 300+ yards. Moments later, a graphic appeared on the screen saying Garoppolo was the first 49ers QB to post back-to-back 300-passing-yard games since Jeff Garcia back in 2000.

Excuse me? A 300-plus yard passing game with just one TD pass – as the club had five field goals – with your team trailing in the final minute, is a “great” game for a quarterback?

Yes I realize Garoppolo is in his first year as a starter. But wow, talk about how standards for QB “greatness” has fallen to this!!

Anyway, the 49ers did win it on the final play of the game, with the aforementioned Gould kicking his sixth field goal of the game with time expiring. Yawn. A game-winning drive by Garoppolo, yes… but a “great” game? C’mon.

The Secret of Their Success

There are people in the workplace who advance (or stay employed) not because of their own hard work or talent – but because they have people looking out for them or covering for their flaws.

I want to talk about this cancer Abbie, whom I know from an ad company several years back. Initially, there were 10 people in the customer service department, but the company downsized and it was down to three people in customer service. I was in training/translation but my desk was in the customer service room.

Because of where I was sitting and where this cancer Abbie was seated, I could see what she was doing. She would, literally for the duration of the eight-hour shift, watch Korean drama on the work laptop.

The customer service “manager” (who got that phony title because the company wanted to help with his immigration process and the guy needed a professional job title) sat next to Abbie and knew of her actions. Yet this manager – let’s call him Cain – ignored this and even helped cover for her. For example, if Abbie left the room but foolishly kept her drama window on the screen, Cain would minimize it so that the director, if he came in, wouldn’t see it.

So, the phones would ring and Abbie would sit and watch her shows while Cain and the other girl answered. You can call this the secret of Abbie’s success. Have people cover for her and, essentially, cheat the company’s money.

Sometimes, Abbie would pause her drama and – get this – talk about her own drama, so to speak. She would whine about how the whole world was against her. .. how her manager at her part-time job was always picking on her, how blah-blah was mean to her, etc. etc. Geez – you wonder why her manager at her part-time job was “against” her? Look at her work ethic and you can see this clearly is someone who’s unemployable.

But you’ll have scumbag men such as Cain covering for her. Who knows outside of work what she does to him to repay him?

And oh, that’s not the end of the story. From what I learned, Abbie and the other girl always complained to the director about the former customer service manager because – oh wait – that ex-CS manager was actually doing his JOB and being firm with them. Of course these two girls made up some story in an attempt to get the ex-manager fired.

Yeah, you know, the manager tells you to do your job, and this is called “Oh, he’s always picking on me.” Well, do your job, cancer Abbie, and then nobody will “pick on” you! Be lazy and watch drama all day at work – using the work computer – and you’ll have people telling you to do your job…. or in your case, have your favorite new “manager” do all your work for you so you can go back to watching your TV!