Wait a minute… Too much outcry vs. not enough

Eli Manning’s benching by the 2-9 New York Giants has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of days, with other NFL quarterbacks (such as the Chargers’ Philip Rivers and the Patriots’ Tom Brady) weighing in on the matter.

There’s been a lot of outcry from the media and the fans about how Manning was mistreated. Wait a minute… he’s still getting paid and he’s still under contract. I mean, yes, you feel bad for the guy that his streak is going to end this weekend, but still, I personally think there’s too much of this feeling sorry for the guy.

Isn’t the NFL – and professional sports in general – about “What have you done for me lately?” Yes, Manning has a bad team but sports is a business, after all.

Then at the other end of the spectrum, there’s a quarterback in Tampa who shouldn’t be starting because of an alleged incident with an Uber driver…. and yet not enough attention has been given to this matter. This again goes to show how the American public cares too much about a quarterback who is getting benched because his team wants to evaluate other quarterbacks, and yet is virtually ignoring a Tampa QB who allegedly did something inappropriate to a woman.

Bottom line, the guy in Tampa (whom I shall not name) should be sitting out. Instead, he’s starting this weekend against Green Bay. Somehow, that’s not getting any press. There’s no public outcry against him making that start. Now, do I have all the facts on the matter? Of course not. But let’s not make light of a situation where inappropriate behaviour toward a woman may have happened.

Instead, in the media it’s been Manning, Manning, Manning. Even a large number of the fans posting online are on the Tampa QB’s side.

Once again, the American football fan base fails. I guess if a guy can help with your fantasy football team, he deserves a break, right?

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