Wait – why aren’t we celebrating this a bit more?

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding the Eli Manning benching is the fact that Geno Smith will become the first African-American quarterback to start for the New York Giants in their 93-year history. The Giants, in fact, remain the only team in the NFL who have never had an African-American starting quarterback, and Smith’s start this weekend in Oakland changes that.

Yes, I understand Smith’s checkered past with the New York Jets earlier in his career. But why isn’t this first start for the Giants by an African-American QB made a bigger deal? Instead, virtually all the commentary about the Giants ever since news of Manning’s benching was announced has been how the franchise has mistreated Eli and how incompetent, inept, etc. the management and coaching staff and ownership have been.

Hey, Smith is going to make history for the Giants. Why not embrace that more?

And actually, people aren’t embracing it at all. They’re snickering because of Smith’s past failures with the Jets. They’re all expecting him to fail. Supposed Giants fans have been posting online saying they’ve thrown their hats, etc. away or stopped watching them this year. They’re all very negative about Smith. No wonder some players have expressed disgust about their so-called “fans” – with a couple of 49ers, for instance, expressing how upset they were with the fans who were cheering after quarterback C.J. Beathard got hurt and Jimmy Garoppolo warmed up late in last Sunday’s 24-13 loss at Levi’s Stadium to the Seahawks.

Hey, everyone’s so down on Geno Smith, so negative toward him. What has he ever done to deserve this? He didn’t kick Manning to the curb. Why are people essentially cheering on him to fail?

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