Another collapse on the way?

I remember back in 2014, I was travelling in Dayton, Ohio, in early December. I happened to be waiting for the bus at the Greyhound terminal, and the Seattle-Philadelphia NFL game was on FOX on the TV monitors.

Now, this was 2014, Chip Kelly’s second year as Eagles head coach. Despite losing Nick Foles, the Eagles were 9-3. They had just beaten the Cowboys in Dallas the week before. Now, they were at home against the Seahawks, with Mark Sanchez at quarterback because of the injury to Foles.

I remember being at the terminal early so I was watching quite a bit of the game, and it seemed nobody could score. It was a defensive struggle until the Seahawks finally broke through and won 24-14. The Eagles lost the next two and were, remarkably, eliminated from playoff contention and went on to finish 10-6.

Fast forward to 2017, and a different coaching staff, a different team, a different quarterback. At 10-1, the Eagles have been the class of the league. And ahhhh… a loss in Seattle in an early December game… With the Vikings (10-2), Rams (9-3), and Saints (9-3) having strong seasons, could this Philly loss be the beginning of another collapse? The Vikings’ defense has been dominant – and, with Philadelphia’s loss in Seattle, Minnesota is now the No. 1 seed ahead of the Eagles. The Rams have been a surprise, but now have the Eagles and Seahawks on their schedule the next two weeks. And the Saints can never be counted out with Drew Brees. Personally, I like the Saints to come out of the NFC. But it’ll be interesting to see how the Eagles fare next week at the Rams.

It might well be another loss for Philly…. We shall see.

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