Monday football and baseball thoughts

The New York Giants did indeed fire their coach and GM on Monday, and ownership did acknowledge it was their fault for the Eli Manning benching.

Great. And yet the coach was still made the scapegoat. That’s a pretty gutless move since it was ownership that suggested to the coaching staff to start evaluating other quarterbacks down the stretch. I guess the owners can’t fire themselves.

There was also talk about former Giants wanting to go on the sideline in support of Manning. What? If they were serious about this, they would have made a farce of the game. Indeed, it’s sad that players dictate what happens in the NFL. Owners seem scared of them. Gutless.

In other news, word has come out that this Ohtani kid wants to play for one of seven MLB teams. The teams include the LA clubs, Texas, the Cubs… and no Yankees/Red Sox. This tells me the kid is afraid to play in big markets. Any star player will want to play in a big market with lots of media and fan scrutiny. Yeah, what a real superstar he is, wanting to hide on the west coast where the media scrutiny isn’t as tough.

Finally, today on Facebook I saw someone post a quote by Louis C.K. that goes like this: “When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”

What a joke.

Every time someone used to mention that name, I wonder who the heck this Louis C.K. was. What was so great about him?

Recently, I found out what this Louis C.K. is. … a disgusting man involved in some scandal. Way to go, Louis whatever your name is.

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