Yup, the guy isn’t ready for the spotlight…

So, Shohei Otahni has signed with the L.A. Angels, joining Mike Trout and Albert Pujols – but this is a team that has missed the playoffs seven of the last eight years.

L.A. is a nice place to live. The Angels are the city’s second team, a west coast club with less scrutiny compared to other contending teams.

C’mon. Think about it. Any true “superstar” would relish playing for the Yankees or Red Sox or Dodgers. This guy, who’s coming off injuries last season, is no superstar. Who cares about that 100-mph fastball. Prove that you can actually do it in the major leagues before trying to dictate your own terms.

Want to be a hitter and pitcher in the big leagues? The reason nobody’s done it for decades is that it’s a demanding sport to begin with, and anyone who wants to try that is more than likely going to fail.

If the Angels think this guy is going to give them 200 innings or hit .300 in the big leagues…they’re completely delusional.

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