Today’s Sports Takes…

Ahhh…it was just one day ago when that Japanese non-superstar decided to sign with the L.A. Angels so he could avoid the spotlight playing for a non-playoff team which doesn’t get that much scrutiny, relatively speaking.

Then came the news today of Giancarlo Stanton wanting to play for the Yankees and the later rumors of the Marlins and Yanks agreeing to a deal that would land the NL MVP in New York.

Now, THAT’s a real superstar. A guy in his prime wanting to be in the spotlight, playing for one of sports’ most storied franchises (and the most storied in baseball). I’m no Stanton fan, to be clear. But at least the guy has guts and wants to face the media scrutiny in New York.

The guy who wanted to play for the Angels? He’ll probably be sitting at home for the playoffs every year. But then again, maybe he doesn’t care.

With Stanton in New York joining Aaron Judge, the Yankees will have the two home-run champions, and this potentially could be the second coming of Mantle and Maris! That’s, of course, assuming the deal goes through and Stanton avoids injuries, with the latter not a guarantee. And you wonder if there’ll be a sophomore jinx for Judge. But we’ll see.

Thursday Night Football was fun. Any time the Saints play the Falcons, I remember a Saints player saying in 2014 that New Orleans would send the Falcons “to their funeral” when the two teams met in Week 16.

It didn’t turn out then, and it didn’t turn out that way either on Thursday. (In the 2014 game, New Orleans was 6-8 going in against 5-9 Atlanta. The Saints would have won the division had they beaten the Falcons and then won the next week…. but it turned out to be the 3-8-1 Panthers going on to win it.)

But man, the Saints could have buried the Falcons on Thursday but lost 20-17. At 9-4, New Orleans is still in control but the Panthers and Falcons are still alive for the division.

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