Wow, congratulations to the Giants…

Wow, congratulations to the New York Giants… For a team that was 2-10 going into action today, what did they learn about their quarterback situation against Dallas? Nothing. They had Eli Manning in for the whole game, a 30-10 loss to the Cowboys.

So, did they get to evaluate other QBs? Nope. They learned nothing when they should be, like any normal team playing out the string, starting or at least playing backups to see how they would fare.

But no. As you know, the media, the fans, the public… those people run the Giants, not ownership.

As a Fox Sports Radio personality said on air last night, think back to the off-season, when one of the Giants’ owners announced that he received many letters from the passionate fan base imploring the organization to not sign Colin Kaepernick – otherwise they would not support the team anymore.

As that FSR personality recalled, the Giants owner decided against the signing of the former 49ers QB because of a fear of backlash from the fan base.

Fast forward to December, and it’s pretty obvious ownership is again letting the fans and media dictate what to do with the organization. Fans wanted the head coach fired. The organization had not fired a head coach mid-season or during the season for decades.

But in this instance, ownership caved. They did what the fans wanted.

Congratulations, New York Giants. Instead of playing Geno Smith or third-round pick Davis Webb, the organization learned nothing new with Eli Manning at QB for that 20-point drubbing. The organization is run by fans and if fans want something, they get it. What a model franchise for everyone else to follow.

And oh, before we leave this subject, congratulations to the “mature” fans who threatened Geno Smith’s father because Smith was getting the start the previous week. What “mature” people we have in society. If this story about the death threats is true, then it just goes to show what some people in the Giants fan base are all about.

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