A new week, a new scandal…

News broke late Monday night about three former-NFL-players-turned-analysts (including a Hall of Famer) being suspended by NFL Network because of a sexual misconduct lawsuit.

At least three other former NFL players (including another Hall of Famer plus an ex-Eagles quarterback) were named in the lawsuit, with sexually inappropriate encounters being alleged.

At this point, you will have to wonder how many more celebrities – whether they’re from the world of sports or the movie/entertainment industry – are going to be outed for their disgusting behaviors.

But if you take a gander on the Internet, you’ll see a bunch of men supporting their favorite NFLers – I guess because they’re men and they’re pigs, and they think women make stuff up. Here are a few examples:


Clearly, a couple of people there seem to believe that we need to take these types of lawsuits lightly because – apparently – they’re fans of those ex-players. Or, they just don’t take this seriously.


Ahhh…more people supporting the ex-players. A couple seem to be taking shots at women – or at least the woman in question.


One guy was using the words “gold diggers” and “extortion”….

It’s remarkable how many sports fans in America will condemn guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for allegedly taking stuff to keep performing at a high level. … and yet take the sides of athletes (and celebrities) for mis-treating women.

Bravo, all you men who support inappropriate behavior toward women. I’m sure your mothers are all proud of you right now.

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