Hockey Thoughts: Kyle Who again?

So, who the heck is Kyle What’s-His-Name-Again? Making big statements to the media about the Ottawa Senators owner wanting him out of town. Well, what exactly has this Kyle What’s-His-Name accomplished in the NHL that’s worthy of any significant contract he was seeking? Here again we have a greedy Canadian-born player not wanting to take any hometown discount to sign with a Canadian team, and then making big statements to the media bashing that club’s owner.

This is reminiscent to two decades ago in the mid-1990s when players like Peca and Primeau, 20-goal scorers at best, jacking up salaries and making it difficult for Canadian teams to compete against the American clubs.

So, even Canadian-born players don’t care about Canadian teams. Why should anyone else? If the Senators do relocate, you can blame clowns such as the likes of Kyle Wannabes.

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