Tactless Asses…

I’d promised to write out a list of the types of people that I encounter on a daily basis. Here’s my next category: The Tactless Asses.

Tactless Asses

True story: About 10 years ago – this was around 2008 or 2009 – I had a blind date with a woman from Hong Kong who was about five years older than me. Or more than that – I don’t remember. She was more established in her career – but definitely 5+ years older.

Anyway, we got to talking about careers and I happened to mention that I was feeling sorry for a former manager who had just gotten laid off three months or so earlier. I commented that I was worried about this ex-manager – her name was Candace – because she had been depressed and didn’t want to leave her own apartment. I mentioned to the blind date something about wanting to make sure Candace was okay because I considered her a friend – even though she was an ex-manager.

Guess what the blind date said? “Oh, you know, I don’t feel sorry for people like THAT. You lost your job, so what? Get back out there and find another job. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I don’t feel sorry for that kind of people.”

There you have it – a woman who point blank insulted someone whom I considered a friend. Very tactless and inconsiderate.

Unfortunately, we have so many people like this blind date in our society – the tactless asses. Sure, you may have a lot of wealth built up. You may have a lot of zeroes in your bank account.

But guess what? You’re not humane, you don’t care about others, you care only about money and material things, you are inconsiderate – and you’re a tactless ass. You don’t have any class. Who cares if you have lots of money or are successful in your career? Not me.

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