The Secret of Their Success

There are people in the workplace who advance (or stay employed) not because of their own hard work or talent – but because they have people looking out for them or covering for their flaws.

I want to talk about this cancer Abbie, whom I know from an ad company several years back. Initially, there were 10 people in the customer service department, but the company downsized and it was down to three people in customer service. I was in training/translation but my desk was in the customer service room.

Because of where I was sitting and where this cancer Abbie was seated, I could see what she was doing. She would, literally for the duration of the eight-hour shift, watch Korean drama on the work laptop.

The customer service “manager” (who got that phony title because the company wanted to help with his immigration process and the guy needed a professional job title) sat next to Abbie and knew of her actions. Yet this manager – let’s call him Cain – ignored this and even helped cover for her. For example, if Abbie left the room but foolishly kept her drama window on the screen, Cain would minimize it so that the director, if he came in, wouldn’t see it.

So, the phones would ring and Abbie would sit and watch her shows while Cain and the other girl answered. You can call this the secret of Abbie’s success. Have people cover for her and, essentially, cheat the company’s money.

Sometimes, Abbie would pause her drama and – get this – talk about her own drama, so to speak. She would whine about how the whole world was against her. .. how her manager at her part-time job was always picking on her, how blah-blah was mean to her, etc. etc. Geez – you wonder why her manager at her part-time job was “against” her? Look at her work ethic and you can see this clearly is someone who’s unemployable.

But you’ll have scumbag men such as Cain covering for her. Who knows outside of work what she does to him to repay him?

And oh, that’s not the end of the story. From what I learned, Abbie and the other girl always complained to the director about the former customer service manager because – oh wait – that ex-CS manager was actually doing his JOB and being firm with them. Of course these two girls made up some story in an attempt to get the ex-manager fired.

Yeah, you know, the manager tells you to do your job, and this is called “Oh, he’s always picking on me.” Well, do your job, cancer Abbie, and then nobody will “pick on” you! Be lazy and watch drama all day at work – using the work computer – and you’ll have people telling you to do your job…. or in your case, have your favorite new “manager” do all your work for you so you can go back to watching your TV!

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