Seriously, what are people’s priorities?

Okay, so many people have chimed in about the ending of Sunday’s Pittsburgh-New England game – about what a “catch” is and so on. C’mon, we all saw it in the 2014 playoffs with the Dez Bryant non-catch in the playoffs against Green Bay.

The way I recall it, so many people were happy because the call went against Dallas, ending the Cowboys’ season.

Now, you have so many people whining about the Steelers’ loss and about the rule regarding having control of the ball for it to be a catch.

Meanwhile, there’s less outcry regarding the Carolina Panthers’ owner’s scandal, with sexual harassment and racism being mentioned.

So, with so much outcry against the “catch” rule and so little against the Panthers owner, it’s CLEAR what the public’s priorities are. Another example of how flawed our society is… and that’s sickening.

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