Congratulations to Drew Brees…

On Sunday, Drew Brees surpassed the 70,000 passing yard plateau, becoming just the third player in NFL history to accomplish the feat. He should be able to break the all-time passing yard record sometime next season. What a great career Brees has had. How can anyone not be a fan of both Brees and Tom Brady? Especially with how both overcame long odds to become champions. Two truly great players… just guys that are inspirational.

Brees’s numbers are down this year because the Saints have been relying on their running game and defense, and that’s why the team has had a bounceback season. But Drew Brees, what an awesome player.

More importantly, New Orleans beat the Falcons on Sunday (by a score of 23-13) – and this time without any trash talk (that we know of, anyway, because ESPN didn’t really highlight this matchup during the week leading up to the contest) like the one from 2014 when a Saints player said his team was going to send the Falcons to their funeral. It was a huge win Sunday, because a loss by the Saints would have – shockingly – eliminated them from the divisional race in the NFC South provided the second-place Panthers won too (against last-place Tampa Bay). Instead, the team came through and New Orleans is going back to the playoffs after a three-year absence.

What can be said about the defense? With the Falcons down 20-6 and less than five minutes remaining, they sacked Atlanta QB Matt Ryan to force a 4th and 17 at the Falcons’ three-yard line! That was probably the final dagger into the Falcons’ hearts in that game. A 40-yard punt later, and the Saints were starting in Atlanta territory trying to run out the clock. The defense didn’t allow a touchdown by Ryan until garbage time with the Falcons already trailing by three scores.

* * *

The New York Giants continue to embarrass themselves. This time, they were shut out in Arizona – behind their two-time Super Bowl-winning QB. Seriously, the Giants’ interim head coach is “brilliant.” What on earth is sending the same QB out there going to prove? So, with the Giants playing out the string, he is stubbornly playing the starter and not taking a look at the backups to see what they can do.

At least the once 0-9 San Francisco 49ers have started to look at someone different, and they have gone 5-1 since then. And oh, what ever happened to the Jacksonville defense? 44 points allowed to the 49ers? Wow.

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