NFL/XFL/Baseball Thoughts…

There’s really not much for me to talk about regarding the NFL. I’ve already long established the fact that I wanted a Brees-Brady Super Bowl matchup – and, in fact, have wanted such a Super Sunday for the past decade. Not much really to add, other than the fact that people who “hate” Tom Brady and the Patriots simply do not appreciate greatness. How can anyone hate greatness? And Brady has been loyal to his team, not switching clubs the way that other star athletes in other sports do on a regular basis. I mean, the way that LeBron James, for example, left Cleveland to go to Miami was disgusting, and you can hate that. Not only that, James has a losing record in the NBA Finals. Brady is 5-2 in the Super Bowl, and it easily could be 7-0. He’s been a winner throughout his career and was drafted at a position where he was almost an undrafted player. How can one hate a successful guy like that, one who began his journey as an underdog?

As for the XFL, count me as one of those who aren’t interested. A two-hour game is not real football, in my opinion. Gimmicks and all that aren’t real football. I applaud the concept of not allowing players to kneel during the anthem, but other than that, you’re talking about a low-tier league. Why would I invest time – even if it’s just two hours – to watch that?

The Hall of Fame in baseball… yes…. More and more, it’s the Hall of the Very Good, or the Hall with Voters’ Agendas…. I can’t agree with this year’s balloting results for the Baseball Hall of Fame… You know, the Hall is becoming a joke. Let’s talk about last year for a moment. Above, I referenced how Brady is hated by so many football fans… Ken Griffey Jr. was three votes shy of being voted in unanimously in 2016… but you have to wonder why there’s so much love for Griffey publicly by fans and the media…He essentially tried to undermine the Mariners organization by demanding a trade, and demanding to be traded only to Cincinnati. That meant Pat Gillick, the GM of the Mariners at the time, was put in a tough spot to try and make this deal happen. Yet, none of that comes up anymore today – or when the Hall of Fame voting happened. So, the number one pick who basically tried to sabotage his own team gets a free pass, but an underdog who leads his football team to greatness is hated all around. Yup. It makes sense indeed.

I’d been away from this site because I’d been working on my new book as well as working at my teaching job. Yes, I do read the major stories on every day, but I’m not one who sees the need to post every day. I’m a sports fan but I’m not obsessed. It’s kind of like how some of these major radio personalities decide to take the holidays off and not be on air when the big games are being played (ie. the NFL season in the final two weeks…where games with significant playoff implications are played). Why would I want to listen to their backups? I tune in to listen to these major personalities and their takes. If they’re going to be on vacation – and some do this a lot – perhaps I’ll go on a permanent vacation and no longer tune in. But anyway, you can liken my disappearance from this site to those personalities’ lack of being on air at various times. I love sports – but I do have a life and don’t post every day or every week.

So, why didn’t ESPN pick on the crumbling Steelers instead?

ESPN had this story about how New England was crumbling with in-fighting and dissension… but why didn’t they do one on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers, led by their coach, were all talk this year. They were going to beat the Patriots, they said. Blah blah blah.

Well, they crumbled to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC divisional round, a team led by Blake Bortles at quarterback. Blake Bortles!!

But let’s talk about their nonsense. Antonio Brown was upset in a game earlier in the year when they were leading – because his QB didn’t throw the ball to him.

And this past week, Le’Veon Bell was talking about quitting if the team didn’t give him what he’s worth. Blah blah blah.

All talk, all sulk, and at the end of the day, they lost to Jacksonville. Yes, yes, Ben Roethlisberger had five TDs but so what? They lost. Maybe their window of opportunity is gone.

Why isn’t ESPN writing about THAT?

NFL Thoughts…

Okay, so the big story over the past week has been that story about how the Patriots are crumbling… Hopefully, this latest nonsense will motivate them even more and they’ll steamroll the Titans and then Steelers to advance to the Super Bowl.

I say it’s “nonsense” because c’mon… how much of that ESPN story is real? Do you really think that at this point of Tom Brady’s career he’s upset at not being named Patriot player of the week? He might have joked about it and whoever leaked that to the reporter exaggerated about it… I heard Brady Quinn on the weekend on Fox Sports Radio slamming that story. I agree – it’s like ESPN needed more clicks and so they had this story to stir things up.

-Every year this decade, I’ve predicted (or hoped for, is more like it) a Patriots-Saints Super Bowl. This year there’s still a chance. And boy, Drew Brees was awesome against Carolina in the wild-card round. Against Minnesota, it’ll be tough because of that Vikings defense – but the good news is that it’s indoors and Brees has gotta be the greatest indoors QB ever in the history of the NFL. He’s also a better QB than Case Keenum, so hopefully the Saints will prevail.

-It’s been said that this year’s Chiefs’ playoff meltdown has got to be the worst ever. I disagree. I still think the 13-3 Chiefs from 1995 losing in the divisional round to a dome team (Colts) because Lin Elliott missed three field goals…. that’s the worst. They would have hosted the AFC title game against Pittsburgh… they had a tough defense, and in the Super Bowl against Dallas, who knows what would have happened?

And speaking of 13-3… man, some years it’s tough because of the competition within your division or conference. In 2011 the Saints were 13-3 but were third in the conference, while the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers were the No. 2 seed because of a better conference record!! The Saints lost to the 49ers on that last-second comeback in San Fran… and it was tough for New Orleans to go down that way.

41,821 sure isn’t “nobody”

According to a long-time FOX Sports Radio personality from Tennessee, whom I won’t name, he doesn’t watch hockey because “nobody watches hockey anyway.”

Well, attendance for the NHL’s annual New Year’s Day outdoor game was listed at 41,821, meaning tens of thousands of sports fans braved the elements to watch the league’s 10th “Winter Classic” at Citi Field – a 3-2 overtime victory by the New York Rangers over the Buffalo Sabres.

So much for “nobody,” huh? The personality who made that comment? His credibility is shot. How can one take any of his takes seriously?