The Talk-Show Host who Flatters Himself Strikes Again…

Okay, previously, I’d mentioned a talk-show host who flattered himself by comparing his “streak” to MLB legend Cal Ripken’s iron-man streak.

Last night, I woke up to check on something, and I turned on the radio at that time. I heard that same host say something like this:

Every man who watches the cheerleaders on the Jumbotron thinks about which one he wants to sleep with…

And he said he “know(s)” this because his own wife was a former cheerleader and that was the one he knew he wanted to sleep with.

Seriously, people can just say whatever they want on the radio? He’s the same guy who also said that “nobody watches hockey anyway” when that’s not true either.

Okay, based on his latest comment (the one that I heard anyway – who knows how many more of these unacceptable comments he makes on a nightly basis???), I would say he’s a chauvinistic pig, one who gives other men a bad name.

So, he thinks he’s qualified to speak for “Every man”? That is rich….

Update on life…

It’s been a while since I last posted – but that’s because I’ve been busy with teaching and writing. But I’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening with the NFL signings and baseball news. Yup, I saw the other day that the Angels’ new pitcher-slash-DH got roughed up. I saw the news about Kirk Cousins.

Anyway, as mentioned, life’s been busy. Here’s an update from earlier this week:

Ahhhh…. After a full day of teaching – my university/college prep students & my Grade 12 kids – where we discussed poems, puns, understatements, euphemisms, appositives, etc., it was time for some honey lemon tea and my book writing… The book’s going well! And…the index for the 1988 Dodgers book is done too!


Will talk more sports later… and about people too…