Talking baseball on TSN Radio


I had the opportunity to talk baseball with Rob Fai last Thursday (April 19) as Vancouver Canadians Game Day made its 10th season debut. It wasn’t my best effort, but it’s always exciting to talk baseball.

Thanks to Rob for having me on in the first segment*. I strive to do better in future appearances.

*Not sure how long these links stay online, but I have downloaded a copy of the audio for my own collection.

The people around us…

It’s too bad that people around us have this kind of destructive attitude in them. These are things overheard on the train recently – and this is a young woman sitting behind me talking on her phone:

“You’re my eyes and ears now, so if they find out I did it, you tell me right away! You are my eyes and ears now…”

Seriously? Talking about sabotage and spy work in a company?

“If Malcolm takes over as manager, he’ll fire all of them… No, I don’t give two shits about those people. We just hire again. No, I don’t give two shits about….”

Gosh, we have people like that talking about not caring about others and wanting them to be fired from their jobs. This is a classic terrorist. I was sitting in front of her, and she was going on and on about work and trashing co-workers on the phone.

“Everybody thinks Malcolm and I are a thing.. but we’re not. We just like hitting each other…” Yeah, a real professional workplace setting….

Or we have other situations where a person would gossip about other people in a group setting. “There was this guy who was blah blah….” Like, seriously, what is with people who just enjoy gossiping and talking about others?

Yes, I am doing the same now, but my point is that I’m doing this only to point out how annoying it is that people around us………………………………..