More talking points for future shows

Mariners. Guys are saying, “If the Mariners go .500 the rest of the way, they’ll make the playoffs.” Well, has anyone considered that they might NOT go .500? Guys are assuming they would. But the M’s have 13 more games vs. Houston, seven vs. the Angels, and 10 against Oakland. A lot can happen between now and the rest of the season. As of today, July 26, the Mariners have lost 10 of their last 16…

In addition to those teams that coughed up big leads, here are a few more:

1964 Phillies – lost 10 straight down the stretch to blow a 6.5-game lead over St. Louis with 12 to play.

2007 Mets – a team with Pedro and Tom Glavine coughed up a seven-game lead on September 12 to the Phillies.

2009 Tigers – spent 164 days in first place, but allowed the Twins to steal the division crown

1969 Cubs – had a 9.5-game lead on August 14, which was cut down to two games just 13 days later. Mets won the NL East by eight full games.

1978 Red Sox – led the Yankees by 14 games in July, and 7.5 with 32 to play. We all know what happened at the end.

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