Here’s another edition of “don’t post crap”…

Anybody can write stuff online because anyone with access to the Internet and some sort of smartphone, computer, or similar device can do so! But of course, not everything you read online is true… Here’s yet another edition of “don’t post crap”!


Nice try!!!! Justin Verlander, as any baseball fan knows, is a right-handed pitcher. Yet, according to this former Dartmouth student-athlete, Verlander is a LHP. Well, at least he went to an Ivy League school… Okay, moving on…

According to, there will be seven NL wild-card teams this year. Look at the GB column:


That’s the last thing you’d expect out of! Unless, of course, there was a bug in the programming… but geez… the Phillies, despite being under .500 on September 26, holds the last wild-card spot!

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