Things we saw in October…

The NFL is a week-to-week thing… every week has a new narrative. Remember how after the first two weeks of the 2018 season, when Pittsburgh began 0-1-1? Many of those analysts were predicting gloom and doom for the Steelers. Well, going into their huge AFC North matchup today in Baltimore, the Steelers are sitting atop the division at 4-2-1, just ahead of Cincinnati (5-3).

The Browns, who at 2-5-1 are at the bottom of the division, are who we thought they were…

Speaking of slow starts, wow – the Lakers’ Magic Johnson makes George Steinbrenner look like a saint… With the Lakers beginning slowly at 2-5, Johnson has apparently lost patience with coach Luke Walton. I mean, c’mon, the Lakers aren’t expected to be legitimate contenders and it’s early in the season….  Yes, I saw Magic play during his NBA career, but as an executive or fan, he’s not that great. He was the one cheering for Mike D’Antoni to be fired from the Lakers years earlier, wasn’t he? That’s exactly my point. Magic was a great player, but as an observer/fan/executive, he strikes me as a guy who just isn’t patient.

Ahhh.. Steve Pearce. World Series MVP. I’m sure throughout the summer, the buzz in Toronto (and the rest of Canada where Blue Jays fans reside) was something like, “What can the Blue Jays get for Josh Donaldson?” and “Donaldson will make a contending team a winner,” etc.

I was on TSN1040 during the summer, suggesting that teams that win the World Series, traditionally, have had under-the-radar pickups more often than those big mid-season acquisitions. For 2018, I was looking at Tyler Clippard, John Axford, Seunghwan Oh, etc. as possible difference makers. Maybe even a guy like Curtis Granderson. Okay, I was wrong. It turned out the biggest difference maker was Steve Pearce!! He had a hot few games and wound up helping the Red Sox win the World Series.

Man, it must be painful for those Blue Jays fans… they must have been rooting for Cleveland, with Donaldson and Edwin Encarnacion being the two former Jays in the Indians lineup. Instead, it was David Price (who failed to deliver in the playoffs for Toronto) and Steve Pearce with their AL East rivals!!

Again, don’t trade within the division (ie. Toronto trading Pearce to Boston). It might make your fans cry in October…

Anytime someone brings up the need for a team to pick up a big name at the trade deadline to put itself over the top, I will just bring up two words. Steve Pearce.

Back to the NFL – an intriguing matchup on Sunday night with Green Bay vs. New England. Hours before that, Rams vs. Saints in what could be a potential NFC Championship Game matchup. The dream matchup would be a Patriots-Saints Super Bowl. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

L. Ball: A category of his own…

Okay, so I’ve been discussing different types of people in society. This character LaVar Ball deserves his own category.

So, yesterday I was having lunch at a restaurant and they had CNN on. And guess who was on CNN shooting his mouth off? None other than LaVar Ball. If I understand correctly, CNN had him on for 20+ minutes, which led me to, first of all, wonder why that network had nothing better to do than talk to this wannabe-coach for that long. (I say “wannabe-coach” because it seems that’s what he’s been doing with one of his son’s teams, the L.A. Lakers.)

I mean, this LaVar Ball is nothing more than a loudmouth who likes to stir things up. And if I understand him correctly, he apparently thinks shoplifting is “no big deal.” Wow, what a wonderful role model as a parent. Stealing is okay, according to my understanding of his comments.

The other thing, of course, was the refusal to thank President Donald Trump for getting his son and the other two college basketball players out of jail. So, LaVar Ball, a so-called “media personality,” is essentially teaching young Americans out there to be ungrateful… to not bother to thank people who’ve helped you out. Talk about the lack of manners. Who the heck is LaVar Ball? Just the father of some basketball players.

And no, his son is not better than Steph Curry. LaVar Ball himself can’t beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one competition. Sure, the guy (LaVar Ball) was a practice squad player on two NFL teams in the mid-1990s, but he never played a regular-season NFL game in his carer. But perhaps he suffered a concussion or two to, years later, seem to suggest stealing is okay. Yup. Must be those concussions. If not, then LaVar Ball was probably born and raised that way – an ungrateful fool.

And shame on CNN (and other media outlets, for that matter) for allowing him to go on and on with his nonsensical, idiotic shtick.