Nobody’s an expert…

Okay, so I haven’t been posting… but I’ve been following what’s going on in the world of sports. I’ve just been too busy with writing three books and teaching full-time. I have thoughts but I’m not that obsessed to be posting daily.

Super Bowl aftermath: So many of these talk-show hosts on FOX Sports Radio and ESPN Radio are just full of it. They’ll say anything just to drive ratings, especially controversial stuff. Blah blah blah, “Bill Belichick goofed up” blah blah blah. So, you’ve got analysts who’ve never coached before criticizing a guy who’s won five Super Bowl titles as a head coach. Really. Seriously. How many titles have those analysts won? We’re talking about one of the greatest head coaches of all-time.

Same deal with certain people on ESPN who say there are red flags with the way Tom Brady played in the Super Bowl. Again, really? Brady threw for how many yards again? And he’s scrutinized? Yes, he fumbled the ball in the dying minutes, but c’mon.

The 49ers. C’mon, give me a break. A guy who’s started only seven NFL games, five for the 49ers, is now the savior in San Francisco? He started five games! Analysts are saying it’s a great deal to lock him up at that contract. How do these experts know he’s not going to be the next Matt Flynn? How many QBs in recent years have proven to be a bust after looking good for a few starts? And let’s not forget the guy played against some crappy teams such as Chicago, Houston, Tennessee… People are just content that this 49ers QB is playing well… just so they can say the Patriots and Belichick made a mistake. Blah blah blah.

Olympic hockey: Those (fans) who keep blaming Gary Bettman for NHL players not being in the Olympics this year should just get over themselves. All these naysayers do is blame Bettman for everything. Then, these same people don’t bother watching the Olympics anymore because the NHLers are not playing. Well, I have never understood the logic of temporarily stopping the NHL season for two weeks just for the Olympics. I don’t care how exciting the Games would become. The NHL should not have its season interrupted. It’s stupid.


41,821 sure isn’t “nobody”

According to a long-time FOX Sports Radio personality from Tennessee, whom I won’t name, he doesn’t watch hockey because “nobody watches hockey anyway.”

Well, attendance for the NHL’s annual New Year’s Day outdoor game was listed at 41,821, meaning tens of thousands of sports fans braved the elements to watch the league’s 10th “Winter Classic” at Citi Field – a 3-2 overtime victory by the New York Rangers over the Buffalo Sabres.

So much for “nobody,” huh? The personality who made that comment? His credibility is shot. How can one take any of his takes seriously?

Hockey Thoughts: Kyle Who again?

So, who the heck is Kyle What’s-His-Name-Again? Making big statements to the media about the Ottawa Senators owner wanting him out of town. Well, what exactly has this Kyle What’s-His-Name accomplished in the NHL that’s worthy of any significant contract he was seeking? Here again we have a greedy Canadian-born player not wanting to take any hometown discount to sign with a Canadian team, and then making big statements to the media bashing that club’s owner.

This is reminiscent to two decades ago in the mid-1990s when players like Peca and Primeau, 20-goal scorers at best, jacking up salaries and making it difficult for Canadian teams to compete against the American clubs.

So, even Canadian-born players don’t care about Canadian teams. Why should anyone else? If the Senators do relocate, you can blame clowns such as the likes of Kyle Wannabes.

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