Update on life…

It’s been a while since I last posted – but that’s because I’ve been busy with teaching and writing. But I’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening with the NFL signings and baseball news. Yup, I saw the other day that the Angels’ new pitcher-slash-DH got roughed up. I saw the news about Kirk Cousins.

Anyway, as mentioned, life’s been busy. Here’s an update from earlier this week:

Ahhhh…. After a full day of teaching – my university/college prep students & my Grade 12 kids – where we discussed poems, puns, understatements, euphemisms, appositives, etc., it was time for some honey lemon tea and my book writing… The book’s going well! And…the index for the 1988 Dodgers book is done too!


Will talk more sports later… and about people too…


Don’t flatter yourself…

So, I woke up in the middle of the night to do something, and I turned on a few things, including the radio – which is pre-set to a certain station.

I wasn’t interested in what the talk-show host was saying but since it was the middle of the night, everything was quiet so I could hear him rambling on about how he hadn’t missed a show for the past decade due to illness. I won’t mention his name but the guy compared himself to Cal Ripken about his “streak.”

Excuse me? If any caller made such a comparison, most hosts would hang up and call that caller names. Yet this particular host compared himself to Ripken. The irony is he then mentioned missing the previous week and having his producer cover for him. Uhm – doesn’t matter if it was a vacation, the fact that he missed his own shows meant there was no streak at all.

The worst part, though, was how he then threw the aforementioned producer under the bus by going on a rant about how the producer, whom he explained would be away for the entire week, had not returned his work-related phone calls (or, apparently, takes too long to do so). His sound engineer (I assume) or whoever it is then said on the air perhaps the two should just hash it out over a work lunch some day, but the host completely trashed the idea and said that he (the host himself) had no time. He was serious about this situation – it wasn’t a light banter or a joke. (The context was, according to what the host said, that the producer had texted him to say he was going to be away for the week without any further explanations and wouldn’t answer the host’s subsequent call.)

Excuse me? So, apparently the solution, when you have some sort of issue with a colleague, is to throw him under the bus publicly (since the guy claimed he had a large audience because of his college football coverage) instead of talking things over privately like grown adults are supposed to do? Got it.

And he even then said on air that he normally replied to or answered a call within a reasonable amount of time – whereas his producer didn’t. Then he quickly changed his answer to when he got a call from his own boss. As I was wrapping up my things, I was thinking this guy was full of it. I was sure that, for example, if I were to contact him on social media and asked to see if he would review my manuscript, he would (like others) just ignore my message.

But seriously – if you’re taking time off work for vacations – which is normal – don’t act like you have a “streak” going like Cal Ripken did. That’s absurd. Just like throwing people under the bus instead of making time to resolve your issue with them.

And after that, I simply turned everything off and went back to sleep.

The Secret of Their Success

There are people in the workplace who advance (or stay employed) not because of their own hard work or talent – but because they have people looking out for them or covering for their flaws.

I want to talk about this cancer Abbie, whom I know from an ad company several years back. Initially, there were 10 people in the customer service department, but the company downsized and it was down to three people in customer service. I was in training/translation but my desk was in the customer service room.

Because of where I was sitting and where this cancer Abbie was seated, I could see what she was doing. She would, literally for the duration of the eight-hour shift, watch Korean drama on the work laptop.

The customer service “manager” (who got that phony title because the company wanted to help with his immigration process and the guy needed a professional job title) sat next to Abbie and knew of her actions. Yet this manager – let’s call him Cain – ignored this and even helped cover for her. For example, if Abbie left the room but foolishly kept her drama window on the screen, Cain would minimize it so that the director, if he came in, wouldn’t see it.

So, the phones would ring and Abbie would sit and watch her shows while Cain and the other girl answered. You can call this the secret of Abbie’s success. Have people cover for her and, essentially, cheat the company’s money.

Sometimes, Abbie would pause her drama and – get this – talk about her own drama, so to speak. She would whine about how the whole world was against her. .. how her manager at her part-time job was always picking on her, how blah-blah was mean to her, etc. etc. Geez – you wonder why her manager at her part-time job was “against” her? Look at her work ethic and you can see this clearly is someone who’s unemployable.

But you’ll have scumbag men such as Cain covering for her. Who knows outside of work what she does to him to repay him?

And oh, that’s not the end of the story. From what I learned, Abbie and the other girl always complained to the director about the former customer service manager because – oh wait – that ex-CS manager was actually doing his JOB and being firm with them. Of course these two girls made up some story in an attempt to get the ex-manager fired.

Yeah, you know, the manager tells you to do your job, and this is called “Oh, he’s always picking on me.” Well, do your job, cancer Abbie, and then nobody will “pick on” you! Be lazy and watch drama all day at work – using the work computer – and you’ll have people telling you to do your job…. or in your case, have your favorite new “manager” do all your work for you so you can go back to watching your TV!

Tactless Asses…

I’d promised to write out a list of the types of people that I encounter on a daily basis. Here’s my next category: The Tactless Asses.

Tactless Asses

True story: About 10 years ago – this was around 2008 or 2009 – I had a blind date with a woman from Hong Kong who was about five years older than me. Or more than that – I don’t remember. She was more established in her career – but definitely 5+ years older.

Anyway, we got to talking about careers and I happened to mention that I was feeling sorry for a former manager who had just gotten laid off three months or so earlier. I commented that I was worried about this ex-manager – her name was Candace – because she had been depressed and didn’t want to leave her own apartment. I mentioned to the blind date something about wanting to make sure Candace was okay because I considered her a friend – even though she was an ex-manager.

Guess what the blind date said? “Oh, you know, I don’t feel sorry for people like THAT. You lost your job, so what? Get back out there and find another job. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I don’t feel sorry for that kind of people.”

There you have it – a woman who point blank insulted someone whom I considered a friend. Very tactless and inconsiderate.

Unfortunately, we have so many people like this blind date in our society – the tactless asses. Sure, you may have a lot of wealth built up. You may have a lot of zeroes in your bank account.

But guess what? You’re not humane, you don’t care about others, you care only about money and material things, you are inconsiderate – and you’re a tactless ass. You don’t have any class. Who cares if you have lots of money or are successful in your career? Not me.

Gutless Bald Driver (Translink BC)

Criticism about a professional’s performance shouldn’t be restricted only to athletes. Recently, a drunken passenger challenged the driver on the #16 bus to drink something out of his bottle, but the driver declined and said he loved his job. They started talking and the driver said he made $31 an hour driving the bus.

Now, if that’s accurate, we will refer to bus drivers as professionals too, given the hourly wage they make.

I’m going to criticize a certain bald brown bus driver in Surrey, BC, Canada. A driver of the #320 bus, he’s rude and inconsiderate, and this is based on the two occasions I’ve witnessed him. Now, if it was just once, then maybe it’s nothing. But twice is more than enough to suggest this is his normal behaviour.

Personally, December weather in Vancouver or Surrey, BC, is nothing for me. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve lived in Fort McMurray before where the temperatures could routinely get down to the minus-40’s. So, Vancouver weather is nothing. But of course, others disagree. They complain when it rains and when it’s 5 degrees. Many Vancouverites think it’s cold.

This is at Surrey Central bus loop, where it’s the last stop for people getting off/first stop for people getting on. There are senior citizens waiting to get on at this stop.

This brown driver would pull into the stop, let the passengers get off, and then he himself would get off – and close front door shut so nobody could get on. Then, without saying a word, he would wander off (presumably to go to the drivers’ washroom/break room). Meanwhile, the people who were lining up would stand there – again, many of them would act like they were cold, ie. shivering, etc. For me, it’s not cold because it isn’t. But again, for others, it’s a different story.

Anyway, the driver wouldn’t show up again until a couple minutes late (ie. after the bus was to depart). Then he would slowly get on the bus, close the door again, get into his seat, buckle up, and THEN let people on.

Selfish and unnecessary. For one thing, as mentioned, those waiting in line are cold. Second, he’s late.

Other drivers would let people get on, which is the common sense/decent thing to do, even if those drivers aren’t physically on the bus for the duration of the waiting time before the bus was supposed to depart.

Both times, Mister Jerk Bald Brown Driver proved to be inconsiderate. What can I say? He’s a jerk, a jackass… Gutless. Fortunately for the folks who rely on public transit on a regular basis, not every driver out there is the same as this gutless idiot.

Monday football and baseball thoughts

The New York Giants did indeed fire their coach and GM on Monday, and ownership did acknowledge it was their fault for the Eli Manning benching.

Great. And yet the coach was still made the scapegoat. That’s a pretty gutless move since it was ownership that suggested to the coaching staff to start evaluating other quarterbacks down the stretch. I guess the owners can’t fire themselves.

There was also talk about former Giants wanting to go on the sideline in support of Manning. What? If they were serious about this, they would have made a farce of the game. Indeed, it’s sad that players dictate what happens in the NFL. Owners seem scared of them. Gutless.

In other news, word has come out that this Ohtani kid wants to play for one of seven MLB teams. The teams include the LA clubs, Texas, the Cubs… and no Yankees/Red Sox. This tells me the kid is afraid to play in big markets. Any star player will want to play in a big market with lots of media and fan scrutiny. Yeah, what a real superstar he is, wanting to hide on the west coast where the media scrutiny isn’t as tough.

Finally, today on Facebook I saw someone post a quote by Louis C.K. that goes like this: “When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”

What a joke.

Every time someone used to mention that name, I wonder who the heck this Louis C.K. was. What was so great about him?

Recently, I found out what this Louis C.K. is. … a disgusting man involved in some scandal. Way to go, Louis whatever your name is.

You might call them “trolls” but I’ll call them “slavery supporters”…


I’m sure these types of comments are written thousands of times a day by all sorts of people.

Yes, they might be known as “trolls” but come on. We have people in society who, because they disagree with others in OPINION, resort to name-calling or these sorts of comments.

When you verbalize these sorts of things, you’re really saying you are better than someone else; someone else is inferior to you. If you really think that and actually write it and/or say it out loud, that makes you a supporter of slavery.

Think about it. Saying you’re better than someone else, than another human being, illustrates that you believe in a society where there are masters and slaves, like you’re that person’s master and that person should go serve fries somewhere. Again, what an amazing society we live in.

Reminds me of this awesome video that SB Nation’s Jon Bois once created:

It just goes to show how far some people will take an argument when they disagree with others….. 😉