Don’t flatter yourself…

So, I woke up in the middle of the night to do something, and I turned on a few things, including the radio – which is pre-set to a certain station.

I wasn’t interested in what the talk-show host was saying but since it was the middle of the night, everything was quiet so I could hear him rambling on about how he hadn’t missed a show for the past decade due to illness. I won’t mention his name but the guy compared himself to Cal Ripken about his “streak.”

Excuse me? If any caller made such a comparison, most hosts would hang up and call that caller names. Yet this particular host compared himself to Ripken. The irony is he then mentioned missing the previous week and having his producer cover for him. Uhm – doesn’t matter if it was a vacation, the fact that he missed his own shows meant there was no streak at all.

The worst part, though, was how he then threw the aforementioned producer under the bus by going on a rant about how the producer, whom he explained would be away for the entire week, had not returned his work-related phone calls (or, apparently, takes too long to do so). His sound engineer (I assume) or whoever it is then said on the air perhaps the two should just hash it out over a work lunch some day, but the host completely trashed the idea and said that he (the host himself) had no time. He was serious about this situation – it wasn’t a light banter or a joke. (The context was, according to what the host said, that the producer had texted him to say he was going to be away for the week without any further explanations and wouldn’t answer the host’s subsequent call.)

Excuse me? So, apparently the solution, when you have some sort of issue with a colleague, is to throw him under the bus publicly (since the guy claimed he had a large audience because of his college football coverage) instead of talking things over privately like grown adults are supposed to do? Got it.

And he even then said on air that he normally replied to or answered a call within a reasonable amount of time – whereas his producer didn’t. Then he quickly changed his answer to when he got a call from his own boss. As I was wrapping up my things, I was thinking this guy was full of it. I was sure that, for example, if I were to contact him on social media and asked to see if he would review my manuscript, he would (like others) just ignore my message.

But seriously – if you’re taking time off work for vacations – which is normal – don’t act like you have a “streak” going like Cal Ripken did. That’s absurd. Just like throwing people under the bus instead of making time to resolve your issue with them.

And after that, I simply turned everything off and went back to sleep.


Now available on + Rowman & Littlefield website…

Not much to say about the Super Bowl – the Eagles won, the Patriots lost, and life goes on. No matter what others say, the Super Bowl loss does not diminish New England’s run since 2001. It doesn’t tarnish anything that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have accomplished in New England. There will always be haters, so why waste time arguing with them?

In the meantime…

The 1988 Dodgers: Reliving the Championship Season is now available on and the Rowman & Littlefield publisher website.

The 1988 Dodgers2

Here’s a review from Boston Globe‘s Bob Ryan:

Orel Hershiser IV…Kirk Gibson…the irrepressible Tom LaSorda…you know all about them. But Rick Dempsey, Mickey Hatcher, and Danny Heep—aka “The Stuntmen”—not so much. Now, thanks to K. P. Wee’s The 1988 Dodgers: Reliving the Championship Season, you will. This is the story of a very improbable and, yes, lovable bunch, the last LA Dodger squad to win a championship.
— Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, ESPN

The book is due to be released in August 2018, but all you sports fans out there can pre-order now! What a great gift for the baseball fan in your family!

NFL/XFL/Baseball Thoughts…

There’s really not much for me to talk about regarding the NFL. I’ve already long established the fact that I wanted a Brees-Brady Super Bowl matchup – and, in fact, have wanted such a Super Sunday for the past decade. Not much really to add, other than the fact that people who “hate” Tom Brady and the Patriots simply do not appreciate greatness. How can anyone hate greatness? And Brady has been loyal to his team, not switching clubs the way that other star athletes in other sports do on a regular basis. I mean, the way that LeBron James, for example, left Cleveland to go to Miami was disgusting, and you can hate that. Not only that, James has a losing record in the NBA Finals. Brady is 5-2 in the Super Bowl, and it easily could be 7-0. He’s been a winner throughout his career and was drafted at a position where he was almost an undrafted player. How can one hate a successful guy like that, one who began his journey as an underdog?

As for the XFL, count me as one of those who aren’t interested. A two-hour game is not real football, in my opinion. Gimmicks and all that aren’t real football. I applaud the concept of not allowing players to kneel during the anthem, but other than that, you’re talking about a low-tier league. Why would I invest time – even if it’s just two hours – to watch that?

The Hall of Fame in baseball… yes…. More and more, it’s the Hall of the Very Good, or the Hall with Voters’ Agendas…. I can’t agree with this year’s balloting results for the Baseball Hall of Fame… You know, the Hall is becoming a joke. Let’s talk about last year for a moment. Above, I referenced how Brady is hated by so many football fans… Ken Griffey Jr. was three votes shy of being voted in unanimously in 2016… but you have to wonder why there’s so much love for Griffey publicly by fans and the media…He essentially tried to undermine the Mariners organization by demanding a trade, and demanding to be traded only to Cincinnati. That meant Pat Gillick, the GM of the Mariners at the time, was put in a tough spot to try and make this deal happen. Yet, none of that comes up anymore today – or when the Hall of Fame voting happened. So, the number one pick who basically tried to sabotage his own team gets a free pass, but an underdog who leads his football team to greatness is hated all around. Yup. It makes sense indeed.

I’d been away from this site because I’d been working on my new book as well as working at my teaching job. Yes, I do read the major stories on every day, but I’m not one who sees the need to post every day. I’m a sports fan but I’m not obsessed. It’s kind of like how some of these major radio personalities decide to take the holidays off and not be on air when the big games are being played (ie. the NFL season in the final two weeks…where games with significant playoff implications are played). Why would I want to listen to their backups? I tune in to listen to these major personalities and their takes. If they’re going to be on vacation – and some do this a lot – perhaps I’ll go on a permanent vacation and no longer tune in. But anyway, you can liken my disappearance from this site to those personalities’ lack of being on air at various times. I love sports – but I do have a life and don’t post every day or every week.

Seriously, what are people’s priorities?

Okay, so many people have chimed in about the ending of Sunday’s Pittsburgh-New England game – about what a “catch” is and so on. C’mon, we all saw it in the 2014 playoffs with the Dez Bryant non-catch in the playoffs against Green Bay.

The way I recall it, so many people were happy because the call went against Dallas, ending the Cowboys’ season.

Now, you have so many people whining about the Steelers’ loss and about the rule regarding having control of the ball for it to be a catch.

Meanwhile, there’s less outcry regarding the Carolina Panthers’ owner’s scandal, with sexual harassment and racism being mentioned.

So, with so much outcry against the “catch” rule and so little against the Panthers owner, it’s CLEAR what the public’s priorities are. Another example of how flawed our society is… and that’s sickening.

Big words, and then….

First of all, I’m glad the Saints defeated the Jets on Sunday, putting New Orleans at 10-4 with two weeks to go in the NFL regular season. But second-place Carolina continued to win, picking off Aaron Rodgers three times in its victory over Green Bay to improve to 10-4, with the Saints holding the tie-breaker.

And then we had the marquee game – and I caught the final minutes at Red Card Sports Bar on Smythe and Seymour – with Pittsburgh hosting New England. Sure, it was busy at the establishment, but I was annoyed having to stand there and wait for seven minutes before a server actually showed up.

Anyway, Mike Tomlin, the Steelers coach, had said during a taped interview that was aired in the pre-game of a Sunday night game a few weeks back that he was looking forward to the Patriots this week. Big words too.

Well, I’m sure his players loved it. I recall watching the 2000 Ravens’ NFL Network championship video where Trent Dilfer said his coaches in Tampa Bay were like, “Let’s just get to the tournament and we’ll see.” But in Baltimore, Brian Billick was talking about the Super Bowl once the Ravens had clinched a playoff spot. Dilfer was excited Billick did that. So, I’m sure the Steelers loved Tomlin’s big words.

But fast forward to the final minutes on Sunday – and, by the way, Red Card Sports Bar seemed to be split with half Patriots fans and the other half Steelers supporters – it was devastating for me to see Pittsburgh get a late touchdown. But when it was overturned minutes later, I was happy and half of Red Card erupted.

Yes, the past month Pittsburgh had come back after falling behind, with the Bengals and the Ravens the week before unable to stop the Steelers. Yes, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are awesome – I saw them play in Cincinnati in 2014 and they were AWESOME that day – but I would think that if you’re always trying to come from behind, sooner or later you will be stopped. And that’s especially if you’re playing a playoff-caliber team.

So now both New England and Pittsburgh are 11-3, but if the Pats win out, they clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. If both teams make it to the AFC title game, can the Steelers win on the road if the game is played in Foxborough? Well, any team can beat anybody in a one-game scenario. Hopefully, the Steelers will fall in the playoffs. We shall see.

And…Joe Flacco led the Ravens to a big win over winless Cleveland (0-14). But he had just one TD pass today, meaning he’s still at his unusual TD-per-game pace. It’s amazing, actually, as he’s got 14 TDs and 12 INTs in 14 games.

A new week, a new scandal…

News broke late Monday night about three former-NFL-players-turned-analysts (including a Hall of Famer) being suspended by NFL Network because of a sexual misconduct lawsuit.

At least three other former NFL players (including another Hall of Famer plus an ex-Eagles quarterback) were named in the lawsuit, with sexually inappropriate encounters being alleged.

At this point, you will have to wonder how many more celebrities – whether they’re from the world of sports or the movie/entertainment industry – are going to be outed for their disgusting behaviors.

But if you take a gander on the Internet, you’ll see a bunch of men supporting their favorite NFLers – I guess because they’re men and they’re pigs, and they think women make stuff up. Here are a few examples:


Clearly, a couple of people there seem to believe that we need to take these types of lawsuits lightly because – apparently – they’re fans of those ex-players. Or, they just don’t take this seriously.


Ahhh…more people supporting the ex-players. A couple seem to be taking shots at women – or at least the woman in question.


One guy was using the words “gold diggers” and “extortion”….

It’s remarkable how many sports fans in America will condemn guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for allegedly taking stuff to keep performing at a high level. … and yet take the sides of athletes (and celebrities) for mis-treating women.

Bravo, all you men who support inappropriate behavior toward women. I’m sure your mothers are all proud of you right now.

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